Amour Case Blanc Noir

The Amour Travel Case is the perfect travel accessory for total organization that allows easy access to contents. The wipeable interior was developed to have two sides enclosed by clear zipper panels. The cosmetic side has an expandable zipper panel to allow for large contents. This side contains 5 removable pouches: 1. one three pocket make-up pouch 2. one clear three pleated pocket pouch long zipper brush pouch 4. one wide clear front zipper pouch 5. one large clear multi-use pouch. (All of which are ideal for carrying cosmetic essentials). The toiletry side has a shirred covered elastic set in band which can hold shampoo bottles, lotions, hairspray, deodorants etc.. It even includes a toothbrush zipper pouch and razor zipper pouch, both covered inside and out with a clear protective cover to prevent damage from spillage.

  • Amour Travel Case: 7"H x 11"L x 5"D
Amour Case Blanc Noir
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