Purse Insert-Lipstick Boa

We searched and searched until we found the ultimate purse organizer and nothing compared to this one!  This purse organizer has it all! It's available in two sizes and has adjustable sides with expandable bottom zippers to increase the insert size up to six inches making it uniquely designed to fit a variety of purse sizes.

The inside of the insert has 8 compartments plus one large zipper pocket which can hold small items. There's even a pen holder tucked away in one of the end pockets! The pockets are sized to contain all of the modern day electronics with easy accessibility. This insert was designed strategically with an open middle space for your wallet, make-up bag, and essentials.

The outside of the insert is sleek with two additional pockets for the woman that carries it all.

Small Insert Size is 8.5"L x 6"H x 3"W for small to medium bags

Medium Insert Size is 10"L x 6"H x 3"W for medium to large bags

  • Keeps handbag completely organized
  • Light weight
  • Expands to accommodate extra items
  • Transfers easily from handbag to handbag thanks to the flat handles
  • Serves as a lining protector for your bag
Purse Insert-Lipstick Boa
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